Meet the d-sides team: Hello Ellen!

Meet the d-sides team: Say hello to Ellen

After our elaborate blog series, it comes as no surprise that our team is driven by data. In this series, we introduce a few of our passionate team members. In an intimate interview, we ask them to tell us about themselves and the purpose of data insights in your company!

We kick off this series with a woman who stands her ground in this manly data world. We would like to introduce you to Ellen, working over 20 years in the data processing sector with a big heart for everything that has to do with numbers:

“After studying mathematics, I immersed myself in everything that has to do with analysis and data models. Several wanderings in Limburg and around Brussels later, I ended up in the d-sides team. Right from the start, the team and I “clicked”. In addition, their vision on data was very appealing to me, supplemented by their strong domain expertise. Expertise in overall is very tangible across the entire AE family.”

Broad knowledge domain, always a hint of data

With her extensive knowledge, Ellen combines many domains. However, there is always a clear connection with data. Her wide field of interest often results in short but impactful projects. In a limited time, Ellen searches out a clear direction to help the customer move forward. When asked, Ellen doesn’t hide her passion and love for the profession:

“My ideal day involves exploring, programming and modelling data. If I got the whole day to get busy with data, I will return home satisfied. I strive to understand my source material thoroughly. That doesn’t mean all my projects should revolve around the “fancy stuff”. I get to work with the same enthusiasm with a simple data set that requires an initial visualisation. Or a new data set that needs some clearance or enrichment. Insights prevail for me. Herein lies the analytics challenge: no two problems that we are confronted with, no matter how simple, are identical. There is no standard work in data. That keeps it refreshing.”

Simple sets, surprising insights

Ellen believes in a customised data approach. Ellen: The goal of an Analytics project differs from sector to sector and even per company. As an organisation, you do miss opportunities if you do not (correctly) process the data you own. A simple address file plotted on a map can already produce surprising customer insights, which might not come out of a gut feeling. 

Ellen therefore hopes to eliminate the prejudice that analytics naturally equals complex data applications and that “simpler” analysis would be less valuable: “I think terms such as Machine Learning and AI create a barrier for certain prospects to approach us. They often wait until their challenges become more complicated. So, with my interview, I want to encourage customers to ask their question earlier in their process. In this way, we can support each client with the right technology for their specific problem.