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Process Optimization: Filling and Shipping containers with e-llis

Process optimization is a must for companies that want to maintain their competitive advantage – something logistics operator e-llis knows all too well. Frequently finding itself forced to occasionally ship its customers’ containers which are only forty percent filled, the company called on us for help. In co-creation with e-llis, our team worked on a proof […]

dp world operational excellence
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Operational Excellence: DP World Antwerp always finds the best transportation route

DP World Antwerp is a leading terminal operator in the port of Antwerp. With the help of automatic, semi-automatic and manual processes, the company prepares countless containers arriving by ship for both domestic and foreign transport. In their search to optimise their complex processes and achieve operational excellence, the company recently called upon our expertise and […]


The Race for Operational Excellence: Supply Chain Analytics

These days, achieving true operational excellence is impossible without a thorough understanding of your processes and how they relate to the needs of your staff or customers. Lean processes mean elimination of unnecessary work, reducing errors and focusing on what is really important. It is key to keep costs under control and to level production […]


People Analytics: HR is a numbers game too!

We live in a talent economy and now more than ever, companies are realizing that with great people comes great business success. With the rise of ‘Great Place to Work’ contests and the popularity of LinkedIn, HR departments have gained significant strategic importance over the past few decades. Companies have recognized that when they have […]


Geospatial Analytics: the importance of WHERE

This post was written by Oliver Belmans & Bram Vanschoenwinkel Data analytics are the ideal extension to traditional marketing: based on data, we gain insights into (potential) customers and their behaviour, so that we can target them in an even more personalised manner. The first of a two-part blog post zooms in on an important category of […]

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Personalise your marketing strategy with Analytics

Analytics have become indispensable in a personalised marketing analytics strategy. Convinced of the value of data and the insights it can bring, one of our customers in consumer goods called on us for the launch of a completely new product. With our help, they succeeded in reaching their target group more efficiently and achieving impressive […]