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The world is exploding with data just waiting to be harvested. But before we help you make better decisions by looking at your data from different sides, please allow us to ask: how are you today? As your future business partner, we’re eager to learn all about you, your business and the industry you’re in. After all: data is our passion, optimizing your business our goal and co-creation our creed!

Tackle your business challenges with data

Getting to know your business inside out allows us to easily spot which data insights hold the key to your success, ultimately helping you tackle common business challenges such as:

The war for talent

Finding the right person for the right job – and keeping them on board – has never been more difficult. Fortunately, HR Analytics delivers all the insights you need to keep your staff happy and healthy.

The race for operational excellence

These days, achieving true operational excellence is impossible without a thorough understanding of your processes and how they relate to the needs of your staff or customers. From process optimization to predicting future breakdowns, it’s Analytics to the rescue.

The search for customer insights

For businesses to thrive and outshine the competition in the millennial era, they must engage with their customers in meaningful and exciting ways. Offering personalized products and services based on customer data insights, in other words, has become indispensable.

Continuous innovation

Disruptive technologies and new business models constantly challenge your organization to reinvent itself. In a world where continuous innovation is the norm, making data-driven decisions is a prerequisite for success.

Co-creation for the win

We’re so passionate about data, it’s contagious! And we like to think that’s a good thing. Through co-creation, we instill our own passion for data in our customers and develop data-driven solutions together with them end-to-end.

Actionable insights

Crunching heaps of granular data into smooth business strategies is what we do best. We pluck data, crunch it and transform it into actionable insights that give businesses the competitive advantage they need to flourish in their field. Need to make some data-driven decisions? Just give us a shout.

”Having all the data in the world at your fingertips doesn’t mean you know what works for you. By turning data into actionable insights, we help businesses become better at everything they do.”

Bram Vanschoenwinkel, Hive Lead

Ready crunch action!

Discover our services

Deep Learning

From virtual assistants to self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence is all around us – and we’ve got Deep Learning to thank for it. Rather than programming machines to carry out new tasks, Deep Learning enables them to learn on their own just like humans would.

Open Data Crunching

As you read this, you’re sitting on loads of data you’ve never paid as much as a penny for. That’s because Open Data can be freely used by anyone. True story! Still, analyzing and enriching all that data to your business’ advantage requires a certain level of expertise. That’s where d-sides steps in.

Geospatial Analytics

Where does your target audience live? What are the best locations for your new shops? Which transportation route is the fastest – and which one is cheapest? Just leave it to us to figure it out in detail.

Predictive Analytics

Our Data Scientists may see little more than you do when looking through a glass sphere, but they do have all the know-how needed to identify future pitfalls and opportunities for your business based on historical data.

Process Mining

The best way to optimize your customer journey and other processes? Stop spending time and money on wrong assumptions and focus on the real deal instead! Basing themselves on hard-core facts and figures, our Data Scientists take all your business processes to the next level.

Descriptive Modeling

You may think you know your business inside out, but in fact there are heaps of hidden (not to mention complex) patterns driving it as we speak. No worries, though. Just leave it to d-sides to describe those hidden patterns and how to use them to step up your game!

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